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Make a Difference Today

We enjoy having a vibrant community of people creating ideas, working in a creative environment whilst thinking and aiming to be as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible.

Email us at hola@ethicaeco.com

What We Look For

You are active on all social media platforms 

You are a published or active writer on leading sustainability platforms or work with local UAE agencies

You have the ability to be creative and think outside the box, take creative product shots, create simple and interactive content

You do not need to be an influencer or have a large following on social media, but we ask that you are passionate and your base keeps growing

You're actively promoting an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle

What You Get

 A monthly remuneration depending on your field, reach and following

 Access to our community of like-minded change makers

Opportunity to launch your own small business via our platform + sell with us 

 Discounts on all your orders

Support on your sustainability journey

Access to our learning platform, paid courses hosted by third parties, access to events we participate in


Our Ambassadors are a vital component to the growth of our brand and the growth of our loyal, enthusiastic, active community. As we expand, your involvement and contribution is not only appreciated, it is crucial.


If you agree with our principles, enjoy our products and everything else that we are doing, then it should be easy for you to be a great ambassador. You will visually represent our brand and its values, philosophy and lifestyle.