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Do Shampoo Bars Really Work, Specially For Colored Hair?

By now, most of us are well aware that our beauty routines aren’t necessarily as eco-friendly as we’d like. Now, most shampoo bars are sold with eco-friendly recyclable or compostable packaging, which means a cut down on the billions plastic shampoo bottles that end up in landfills every year.

Ok. So shampoo bars seem like a pretty good idea in theory…But should you break up with your trusted liquid shampoo and make the switch? Let’s talk about the science behind the creation of these bars, and whether they truly work.

Traditional liquid shampoos typically contain up to 80% water in their formula, which makes it easier to spread but also dilutes the concentration of any beneficial active ingredients. Since shampoo bars are solid and do not contain water, additional preservatives do not need to be added to prevent microbial growth. And since there is no water to dilute the formula, solid shampoos contain a concentrated amount of high-power, beneficial hair care ingredients.


The main thing you want your shampoo to excel at is, well, cleaning your hair. Since many shampoo bars do not contain the harsh chemical sodium lauryl sulfate, they might not form as much of as lather as you’re used to. But this doesn’t mean they’re not cleaning your hair as well. In fact, by using products free of SLS you avoid stripping your hair and scalp of essential natural oils. The gentler alternatives in shampoo bars work well to clean your hair and encourage it to “reset” itself to a more natural state.


Another thought or hesitation you may have about switching over to shampoo bars is that they’re “difficult” to use. With liquid shampoo, you just squirt some shampoo into your hand and massage it onto your head, Understandable, But what if I told you using shampoo bars could be just as easy?

The easier way is to rub the bar inbetween your hands an lather up, and they rub your scalp and hair. Rubbing the bar on your hair works, but it's not the best way to go about it.


I LOVE my hair, and one of the sustainable ‘swaps’ I should have made long ago is to stop getting my hair treated and colored, because this make its even harder to switch to a shampoo bar (specially if you need your blond - to be blond). This sounds terrible, I assume eco-minded individuals probably didn’t care about their color-treated hair the same way I did.

The first few uses did not impress me, but the truth is Shampoo bars are bursting with natural oils, which help condition your hair, and are typically free of sulphates which are the paint strippers for your colour. I soon realized the bars do not strip the color from hair... by contrast - the all-natural ingredients are super moisturizing, and help to add a wonderful & smooth shine to the hair follicles. Unlike commercial liquid shampoo, most times, I did not even need a conditioner after.

But since everyone's hair and coloring products are different, this is something you will need to try yourself. But from my personal experience and upon speaking with many others, I could say that once you've made the switch, you would cringe thinking about the chemical you previously squeezed out of a plastic bottle thinking it would better your hair.

Select one of these shampoo bars and take that one step towards healthier hair, and a healthier you!