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Green Jobs That Will Dominate The Market In the Near Future

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Thinking of a career change? These 11 jobs could be in demand for the near future as the world gears up for a green transition.

1. Urban Farmer

A person who grows food in urban settings and utilize (or create) green space in vacant lots, backyards, even rooftops.

2.Sustainability Communications Expert

A person who understands the world of sustainability, as well as the world of marketing and communications and is able to represent companies in such capacity

3.Green Designers

Architects and landscapers who can design buildings to be more environmentally friendly & sustainable.

4.Sustainability Consultant

A person who helps companies implement sustainable practices and strategies.

5.Environment Scientists

People who are specialized in preventing threats to the environment.

6.Wind Turbine Specialist

With wind energy increasing, wind turbines will need technicians to oversee the functioning of turbines.

7.Environmental Lawyer

A person who advises clients on issues related to air and water quality, hazardous waste, sustainability, and more

8.Green Home Builders

Experts in transforming existing structures into more sustainable & eco friendly spaces

9.Solar Photovoltaic Installer

A person tasked with assembling and maintaining the solar panels power generation systems


A person who studies water availability and quality and formulate plans to improve resources

11.Environmental Engineer