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Better Living & Holistic Pet Care - Going Natural With Pets

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Rethinking your approach to pet care? In the past year, we've double downed on finding new ways to craft a happier, natural and a more sustainable lifestyle.

NOTE: This is not a paid article, we do not receive any payments should you click on any links or make any purchases via this article. We are purely sharing our honest feedback on practices that have personally worked for us or those that we support based on our ethos.

The idea behind our approach is to live a happier & healthier life, to understand our weaknesses in order to prevent issues instead of curing them, avoiding synthetic and toxic chemicals and live a more sustainable life, and here's how we went about it, and you can too!


Here's what we've experience this year and how we handled it:

For Injuries, Open Wounds & Skin Rash- We've had paw abrasions and skin rashes and one simple fix helped with them all. You may have seen this paste bottled up and sold online for a higher price that what it actually costs, mostly referred to as 'The Golden Paste'. Packed with natural antibiotics & antiseptics, it's healing properties are almost magical. Ps. I also use this in Darko's diet, for my own skincare routine and diet as well and absolutely stand by it.

- 2 tsp Fresh Aloe Vera ( scooped up fresh from the leaf)

- 2 tsp Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

- 3 tsp Organic turmeric powder (I use fresh roots available at choithrams)

- 2 tsp Organic honey ( Note: sterilize spoons used, with boiling water before dipping in jar, I use manuka honey)

Store in glass jar and refrigerate. I make this on a weekly basis for freshness and to ensure we get the best nutritional value.

For Gut Health - Basic and simple additions have made a massive difference.

- Fermented Foods. I need to type this is capitals because it truly deserves the attention. Nothing has worked as well as adding these to our diets. Darko had diarrhea on an off, we thought it to be just something he picked up at the park, maybe the raw food today, maybe just the heat. But those episodes have vanish after adding foods like these: fermented veggies, kombucha (we make this at home), yogurt, miso (learn hot to make miso here). Miso takes about 6 months to be ready, but if you don't have the patience for it, it's available at the organic supermarket in Time Square Mall.

- We love adding Gut Soothe by Adored Beast available locally via Pawdega. An impressive 14-Strain Probiotic, that is human grade, has Pre & Probiotics + anti-inflammatory herbs.

Natural Antibiotics - Growing up with 9 dogs and farm animals in a small town, where store bought meds and visit to vets weren't the norm, I picked up many natural remedies and learnt Phytotherapy from an early age. These are what I incorporate in our daily life.

- Oil of Oregano - Used by farmers to keep poultry healthy and disease free, this oil has recently earned a spotlight in the media for its antimicrobial properties. Mix it in food or apply tropically after blending with coconut oil.

- Manuka Honey - found in the nectar of tea tree, known for its antiseptic properties. Mix it in food or apply tropically.

(Watch out for our next article on a more extensive list of natural antibiotics and where to find them in the UAE)