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I Am Not Silk - What Every Woman Should Know About Silk

Peace silk does not involve happy little silkworms holding hands and singing kumbaya as they mature into moths and fly to freedom.

  • For 1 single silk shirt, 1,000 silkworms are boiled, steamed or baked alive.

  • The process of making silk is wildly unsustainable. In fact, it is the single most environmentally unfriendly textile out there.

  • It’s unethical labour too: low wages and thousands of children in the silk industry.

  • Nope, peace silk or isn't much of an ethical solution. In fact, it results in hundreds of more deaths of caterpillars.

  • Luckily, your outfit can still be luxurious, soft and shiny: there are vegan and sustainable alternatives.

But Peace Silk Is Ethical Right? aka:Peace??

Be prepared for a complicated answer, because different manufacturers have different ways of extracting the fiber and saving the silkworm. Personally, I feel peace silk is nothing but sketchy marketing, aka:Greenwashing.

Peace Silk includes simply cutting the cocoon to allow the moth to escape, but this has limited success, as the moths typically die shortly after emerging.

When it comes to selectively choosing what moths to breed and eggs to raise, PETA presents yet another ethical concern:

“After they have laid their eggs, female moths are crushed to death and their bodies are checked under a microscope for diseases. If any disease is found, the eggs are destroyed. Male moths are simply discarded after they mate.”

Do we really need to kill hundreds of silkworms just for 1 scrunchie?

While they’re small and living in a far-away place, supporting silkworms is a good way to cast a vote for a world that’s more ethical and sustainable.

Shopping for fabrics that don’t unnecessarily kill these critters, is just one of many things we can do to help protect and increase biodiversity in the world.

Check out our #IAmNotSilk Scrunchie here!

How to tell if your item is indeed peace silk?

While there are some visual and tactile cues you can use when shopping to differentiate, it’s not always easy, especially since we all do so much of our shopping online these days.

In such cases, when it comes to how to tell peace silk apart from conventional silk, you have to trust.

As there are no certifications, you’ll have to take a brand’s word at face value. However, if you’re staring at an extremely shimmery silk shirt, you can probably assume it is not peace silk.

What about organic peace silk?

Organic peace (and wild) silk production allows the ba