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Where To Thrift In UAE & Revamp Your Lifestyle.

I love that excitement of walking into a thrift store and not knowing what I'm about to find, I crave those treasure hunt experiences. It goes beyond just clothes, I'm talking revamping old furniture, decluttering your home, turning fashion waste elements into gorgeous jewellery, there's so much to a zero waste lifestyle that most of us miss out on. Besides, it's pretty awesome to save money and be a sustainable while you’re at it. Reducing consumption and waste, is one of the top solutions towards a greener planet.

Most of all, when I thrift, I feel warm knowing that my money stays within the community and goes to someone out here, who is trying to make a difference!

Here are some amazing initiatives by people within our community, aimed to reduce waste, care for our environment and inspire us to live a more meaningful life. Tap images to head to their Instagram page.